The Donna Mae Mims "Think Pink" Sprite
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The Donna Mae Mims Think Pink Sprite
Last updated  June 20 2013
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The "Tin Worm" has been to work over the last 49 years.  The floor pans were great,
but the outer body sheet metal was a little rusty.  Time for replacement panels.
Compared to most cars, the Sprite is very easy to work on.  Easy access to the sides
and bottom of the car by just lifting it up on its side.
Most of the metal work is about done.  The next stop is the sandblaster to remove
the paint in the engine compartment, interior, and bottom.
Back from the sandblaster, finally.  The tub has been primed
and now its time for some pink.
After many late hours over the last few weeks the Sprite is returned
to its PINK glory.
My Friends John Gresham and Bill Pohl help put the finishing
touches on the wiring and other small details.  Just a few more
days before Mid-Ohio and still plenty to do.
With only about a week before the SVRA Mid-Ohio Vintage Grand Prix, I finally felt that I was close enough to contact SVRA to let them
know of my plans to bring the car and that I had arranged for Donna Mae Mims to attend as well.  About 20 minutes after I had emailed
Jack Woehrle at SVRA I received a response that they would be "tickled PINK" to have us as their guest.  When we arrived at the track
Friday morning we were presented with PINK covered entry list/schedule stating:  Sprite Speed 50 featuring "Donna Mae Mims and
Think Pink",  Wow!
through the mid 60's) arrived at the track shortly after we arrived on Friday.  All of the long nights and weekend work was suddenly
made worthwhile when I witnessed Donna Mae's reaction to the car.  She just couldn't believe it!  It wasn't long before she asked if we
could take it for a ride.  Thanks to the SVRA they let us take a lap before the Sprite race on Sunday
Click on this link to see a YouTube video I put together
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