Huffaker Ferrari 308/288GTO I.M.S.A. GTU, Chassis number 002

Constructed by Huffaker Engineering, one of the oldest and most successful race car builders in the United States. Three such cars were built for I.M.S.A. (International Motor Sports Association) GTU Competition using the beautiful 288GTO body styling and race prepared 308 engine. Very low time on this superbly engineered racing Ferrari.

By the time the cars were completed in 1990, there was a rule change at I.M.S.A. only allowing bodywork within 3 years of current production. There was also the loss of a sponsorship package. The cars never saw the heat of battle in professional competition. This particular car has been driven in only a few track events including, a Ferrari Club of America track day, two SCCA regional races, and a private track day. This particular car has been in a private collection since 1995. At a Ferrari Club of America National Meet at Summit Point Raceway one of the cars out-qualified the FASTEST F40 by 2.9 secounds! The Bill Pound Automotive highly modified 308 GTB engine is said to produce 390bhp @ 9600 rpm. The weight of the car is near 2000 lbs.

The Huffaker chassis is designed using inboard rocker arm type suspension. This reduces unsprung weight and makes spring changes and ride height adjustment a snap. The cars were track tested and setup by Huffaker Engineering before delivery. The Hewland DGB300 transaxle supplied in the car is one of the most widely used of the time and parts and gear sets are readily available. The chassis is also fitted with AP Racing air jacks. The brakes use Alcon calipers with 13" rotors supplied by Coleman Racing Products. The wheels are 16" BBS three piece center lock, 10" wide front and 12" rear.

The Bill Pound Automotive race prepared engine is quite special. The front of the engine was shortened by 3.5 inches in order to fit within the confines of the 92.1 inch wheelbase and to fit longitudinally with the Hewland gearbox. The water pump has been re-located and the camshaft drive system was modified along with the front cover. The engine uses Testa Rossa timing belts and the camshaft pulleys are adjustable. The camshaft are a custom billet race grind with a .514" intake lift @ 320 degrees duration and .490" exhaust lift @ 324 degrees. The pistons are a custom design with special low expansion forgings. The connecting rods are custom forged with larger pin diameter. The heads are two valve 308, gas flowed with custom valves with titanium retainers. The electronic fuel injection system is supplied by Hillborn Fuel Injection. The fuel injection and ignition is managed by a EFI Technology ECU. The dry sump oiling system is a external mounted Weaver Bros. pump with a custom cast oil pan and swirl type dry sump tank.

This is a very rare opportunity to own one of the most professionally prepared 308 race cars on the planet!
This car would be a hit at any Ferrari track event or vintage/historic racing venue anywhere in the world. Add it to your collection today! Don't let it slip through your fingers.

Please contact Jeff Moore for more information or 417-343-four seven-four seven

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