1937 Cord 812 Supercharged Phaeton

The beautiful coffin nosed Cord debuted November 1935 and was the ultimate expression of Gordon Miller Buehrig's genius. The first car to have disappearing headlamps, hidden doors hinges, and a aircraft inspiried instrument panel, the Cord made quite a sensation.

The Phaeton model was the last of the model line to be released on May 1st of 1936.

All of the 1936 and 1937 Cord 810 and 812s were powered by the Lycoming V8 L-head engine of 288.6 cubic inches and joined to a 4 speed transmission with a electric/vacuum controlled pre-selector gear shift on the column. With its front wheel drive configuration 55% of the vehicles weight was on the front driving axle.

In November of 1936, two months after the 1937 models were released, the Model FC Schwitzer Cummins supercharged engine became available as a option for an additional $414. With 4 to 4.5lbs of boost pressure the engine developed 190hp.

The C92 Cord that we have available here was supplied from the factory with the optional supercharged FC engine. With the supercharged engine came the external stainless steel flex pipe exhaust exiting from the sides of the engine compartment.

Production of Cord automobiles ceased in August 1937 due to the companies financial troubles. Total production of 812 Supercharged Phaetons was only 196 units, making these highly sought after beauties very rare indeed.

This car has been single family owned since the early sixties and has been the subject of a very comprehensive frame off restoration only covering around 5000 miles since it was completed 15 years ago. The restoration is fully documented with photos and a diary of the progress. A file of all of the receipts is also included. The restoration shows almost no deterioration except for a small area of bubbles on the middle of the bottom of the drivers door (pictured). The car is in excellent running and driving condition.

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