1972 Ferrari 246GTLM Dino

The only factory prepared Dino race car
Coachwork by Pinnifarnia
Chassis number 02678
Engine number 006122
Transmission number 282E
Current mileage 15742km (9839 miles)

Commissioned by Luigi Chinetti for his North American Racing Team (N.A.R.T.) through Ferrari's "Servizio Assistenza Clienti" department. The car was prepared to racing specifications.

Modifications include an aluminum front hood with 24 rather than 6 openings for additional cooling, fender flares, brake cooling ducts for all four wheels, 7.5 inch Campagnolo wheels, additional cooling fans, Monza style quick release fuel cap, Enlarged fuel tank filler opening, Large diameter fuel tank transfer tubing, Additional 180 liter fuel cell with two fuel pumps was installed in the rear trunk, Roll bar, Headlight covers, Space saver spare tire, and Front spoiler. The engine remained in standard specification with the exception of a first oversize bore and free flowing exhaust.

There is a nice photograph of the car at the factory displaying these modifications in Matthis Bartz's "Dino Compendium" book on page 283. Pictured in the photo is Luigi Bazzi (Enzo Ferrari's right hand man), Gaetano Florini (Director of the Customer Service Department), and five unidentified employees. I encourage anyone interested in the 206GT, 246GT, and 246GTS cars to acquire a copy.

During the Wednesday time trails preceding the 1972 Le Mans race, Chinetti had both Sam Posey and Tony Adamowicz, who were slated to drive one of the N.A.R.T. Daytonas, take 02678 out for a few laps to ensure that the Dino was in proper order before handing it over to French amateurs, Pierre Laffeach and Gilles Doncieux. Both Posey and Adamowicz spun the car and the result was a crumpled front spoiler. The additional fuel weight in the very back of the car caused it to be slightly unstable when filled. As the result of another spin on Thursday by Laffeach, the front spoiler was enlarged to help compensate for the rear weight bias. During the race Laffeach spun again, same spot, this time backing into a guardrail damaging the left rear corner slightly. As it turned out, the fuel cell only needed to be filled half way between driver changes. 02678 had a successful race at LeMans, however, with Laffeach and Doncieux bringing the car to a 17th place overall and 2nd in class finish.

This is an article that appeared in the French publication "Revue Du Sport Automobile Echappement" No. 45 July of 1972. Gilles Doncieux and Pierre Laffeach relate their Le Mans adventure.

After Le Mans 02678 went back to Ferrari for repairs from the damage suffered at Le Mans. After the repairs the car was sent back to Chinetti and then sold to Harley Cluxton who wanted to race it in the last race of the 1972 World Manufacturers Championship race at Watkins Glen. Cluxton was entered with co-driver Rocky Moran and the qualfied but, did not start the race for some unknown reason. It was at Watkins Glen that the car carried the number 24 with the same sponsorship livery the car displays today. After the Watkins Glen race Cluxton traded 02678 to Joe Marchetti for a new street Dino. John Carmack purchase 02678 from Marchetti in 1973 and kept it until 1981 when he sold it to the current owner.
The current owner re-numbered 02678 back to "46" from "24" with hand painted numbers, hence the difference in the font.
02678 has never been restored, it has been kept in its original 1972 Le Mans/Watkins Glen livery and has been stored in a humidity and temperature controlled environment.

This is the first time in nearly 40 years that 02678 has been offered for sale and has not been seen by the general public since 1996.

You can see 02678 in this 1972 Le Mans video three times starting at .44 sec.

02678 is in the pit lane prior to the start of the 1972 Le Mans starting at 7:50.

Since acquisition in 1981, 02678 has been enjoyed in vintage racing a show events.

Vintage Races:
November 1982, SVRA, Road Atlanta, Driven to and from the event, 1500 miles
June 1983, VSDCA, Blackhawk Farms Raceway
July 1983, Chicago Historic Races, Road America
June 1984, SVRA, Mid-Ohio Sport Car Course, Driven to and from event, 1500 miles
December 1984, Grand Bahama Speed Week, Kukaya
July 1985, Chicago Historic Races, Road America
August 1985, Chicago Historic Races, Gateway International Raceway
September 1985, SCCA Vintage Car Championship, Hallett Motor Racing Circuit
February 1986, SVRA, Roebling Road, Savannah, Georgia
August 1986, HMSA, Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca
August 1986, RMVR, Steamboat Springs, Colorado
September 1986, SVRA, Watkins Glen Gran Prix
May 1987, HRS, Walter Mitty Challenge, Road Atlanta,
These awards were presented at the above event
John Gordon Bennett Award, Vintage and Historic Driver of the year 1986
Victory Lane Magazine Vintage and Historic Driver of the year 1987
August 1992, HSR, Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca
August 1993, Waterford Hills Vintage Gran Prix
August 1994, HSR, Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca

August 1994, Concourso Italiano, Carmel Valley, CA
June 1996, Ferrari Club of America, Rockingham, NC, Featured car
August 1996, Meadow Brook Concours D'Elegance

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