1957 Maserati 150S Sports Racer For Sale

1957 Maserati 150S Sports Racer

One of the Most Beautiful Sports Racing Cars from the Golden Age of Sports Cars

Coachwork by Fantuzzi
Chassis number 1675 Engine number 1675

Bill Pollack driving 1675 in the cars first outing April, 7, 1957 at Palm Springs
finishing 2nd behind Ken Miles in John von Neumann's 550 Porsche

Completed at the Maserati factory January 29, 1957, this was the very last of the twenty six 1.5 liter Maserati sports racing cars built. There were two other cars completed in December 1957, a one off 150GT road car and #1677 which was rebuilt from chassis #1661.
1675 was purchased by Norris "Dusty" Miller from Los Angeles, California. Dusty enlisted Bill Pollack, famous for racing Tom Carsten's black Allard J2 #14 to great success, to race the car in its first outing April 7, 1957 at the 12th Palm Springs Road Races. Bill finished 2nd in F-Modified to Ken Miles in a John von Neumann Porsche 550 Spyder besting four other 550's. Dusty also shared driving privileges with Bob Oker, and once with Bill Love.

Dusty Miller, Santa Barbara, May 19, 1957

Bob Oker, passing Dick Morgensen's Porsche 550 RS Spyder, Santa Barbara, September 1, 1957

Bob Oker, Santa Barbara, September 1, 1957

Bob Oker leading Ken Miles Porsche 550, Paramount Ranch, December 8, 1957

Bob Oker, Pomona, February 9, 1958

Bob Oker, Pomona, February 9, 1958

Bob Oker, Pomona, February 9, 1958

Bob Oker, Pomona, February 9, 1958

Bob Oker, Pomona, February 9, 1958

Bob Oker, Pomona, February 9, 1958

Dusty Miller leading Jack McAfee's Porsche RS Spyder, Santa Barbara, June 1, 1958

Dusty Miller leading Skip Conklin's Lotus II, Santa Barbara, June 1, 1958

Historical photos courtesy of Allen R. Kuhn

The early racing record:

April 7, 1957, 12th Palm Springs Road Race, Bill Pollack 2nd in class, 4th overall

May 18, 1957, Santa Barbara-Preliminary, Dusty Miller 11th

May 19, 1957, Santa Barbara-Main, Dusty Miller 6th in class, 9th overall

May 26, 1957, The Luther Burbank Rose Festival Sports Car Races Cotati, Dusty Miller 4th in class, 6th overall

July 28, 1957, Fourth Running Pomona Road Races, Bill Pollack 4th

July 28, 1957, Fourth Running Pomona Road Races-Consolation, Bill Pollack 4th

August 31, 1957, Santa Barbara-Preliminary, Bob Oker 5th in class, 7th overall

September 1, 1957, Santa Barbara-Main, Bob Oker 5th

December 7, 1957, Paramount Ranch-Preliminary, Bob Oker 3rd

December 8, 1957, Paramount Ranch-Main, Bob Oker 3rd

February 8, 1958, Pomona-Preliminary, Bob Oker 4th in class, 5th overall

February 9, 1958, Pomona-Main, Bob Oker 3rd

March 2, 1958, Valley of the Sun Second Running SCCA Regional Phoenix, Bob Oker 3rd

March 3, 1958, Valley of the Sun Second Running SCCA Regional Phoenix-Main, Bill Love 6th

June 1, 1958, 9th Santa Barbara Sports Car Road Races, Dusty Miller 6th in class, 8th overall

June 29, 1958, Riverside, Dusty Miller 3rd in class, 4th overall

August 31, 1958, 10th Santa Barbara Road Races, Dusty Miller 6th in class, 10th overall

October 12, 1958, United States Grand Prix Sports Cars Riverside, Dusty Miller DNQ

February 1, 1959, 8th Running Pomona Road Races, Dusty Miller 4th in class, 13th overall

The history of the car is unclear from 1959 until 1981, although, 1675 did spend three years on display at the Briggs Cunningham Automobile Museum prior to 1981. In 1981 the car was purchased through the Fine Car Store by Bob Baker of La Jolla, California. Bob vintage raced the car successfully for several years. The January 23, 1984 Escape Road article in Autoweek gives great background and history of 1675 while in Baker's care.

Click to view the Autoweek article.

In 1985 the car was purchased by the current owner, keeping it displayed in a climate controlled environment while not in use. He continued vintage racing and showing the car after commissioning Alan Powell of Mishawaka, Indiana to give it a concours quality respray. Mechanical maintenance services were performed by Jeff Moore of The Automotive Archeologists, Ltd. The configuration is as original except for the addition of a safety fuel cell, roll bar, and power brake booster. The head fairing was removed when Bob Baker had a proper roll bar installed. One interesting point is the engine. As you can clearly see in the photo below, 1675 was over-struck over 1651! 1651 was the Maserati works car driven by Jean Behra to a 1st overall in the 1955 Nurburgring 500km. It appears the factory borrowed the engine from 1651, rebuilt it and then re-stamped it to fulfill a customer order.

Listed below are the races and concours events during the current owners stewardship:

October 1985, VSCDA race at Road America

July 1986, Chicago Historic Races at Road America

May 1989, Chicago Historic Races at Gateway International Raceway

August 1993, Waterford Hills Vintage Races

August 1993, Waterford Hills Concours in the Park, 1st in class

August 1993, Meadow Brook Hall Concours d' Elegance, 1st in class

August 1993, Chicago International Concours, 1st in class

August 1993, Concourso Italiano, 1st in class

August 1993, Monterey Historic Races

August 2000, Monterey Pre-Historics Races

August 2000, Monterey Historic Races

September 2000, The Louis Vuitton Classic at Rockefeller Center, Meguiar's award for "Most Outstanding Paint Finish"

March 2008, Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance, 1st in class

Here is a slight amount of damage


Please contact Jeff Moore at four one seven 343-4747 with questions, or to schedule an appointment to view the car.

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